JUGMK is an official group of Java users (both professionals and enthusiasts) in Macedonia. It's primary aim is to connect people that use Java, or are interested about it, share ideas, experiences and knowledge through regular meetings and technical conferences.

Other goals include the promotion of the capabilities of the Java technology (as well as the surrounding Open Source technologies) and be one of the main promotors of Java and Open Source technologies in Macedonia.

We are a part of Java.net Java User Group initiative, with legalized formal status of a Non-goverment organization (NGO) in Macedonia. We have a defined structure and are working with a supporter/sponsor based model. To see more information, be sure to check the About section.

If you are interested in joining us, just subscribe to one of our mailings lists and start collaborating. Also, be sure to check the Events section to join us live on one of our regular meetings or technical conferences.

We're looking forward to start collaborating with you!


The Beginning

The first regular meeting of the Macedonian JUG took place in May 2008. First and founding president of the group was Ice Penov.

First Java Day

On 18 December 2010 we organized the first one day conference on Java technology called Java Day. The conference had 9 presentations from 10 speakers and was attended by more then 60 participants.

Java 7 Macedonia

On 20 July 2011 we organized special event for the Java 7 launch day with a specual guest Simon Ritter.

10 years Eclipse Birthday Party

On 23 November 2011, we organized event to celebrate the 10 years of one of favorites IDE of Java people Eclipse.

Java Day #2

23th of February 2013 was the date for the seccond java day. The conference also had 9 presentations from 10 speakers.

Java Day #3

The third Java Day was organized in the same year as the seccond on 22 December 2013. It was held at Skopje City Mall, in one of the Cineplexx halls. The conference had 11 presentations from 11 presenters.

Java Day #4

The fourth Java Day was also organized in Cineplexx and was held on 22 November 2014. 9 presentations was presented by 9 speakers, first time with international presenece from Switzerland, Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia.

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