25 March 2015, Broz Cafe (1-st) floor
starting at 18:00

The Javascript ecosystem for Java developers

Jana Karcheska

More and more Java developers face the challenge of working with Javascript. This presentation will cover my learning curve, the biggest misconceptions I had about the language and how I managed to cope with the Javascript ecosystem coming from a long years of predominantly Java background. My examples are from my experience with the AngularJS framework but they cover general Javascript patterns.

About the speaker

Jana Karcheska is a senior software engineer working for Netcetera, Skopje, Macedonia. She has 10 years of experience working mainly with Java technologies. Her expertise includes working on complex safety critical and mission critical systems.Outside of the daily work, her other interests are machine learning, bioinformatics, LISP and Clojure.

Dockerizing Spring Web Application

Tomche Delev

Docker is a new way to containerize applications that are becomingly increasingly popular. The talk will introduce the basics of docker through example of packaging Spring web application in a standardized portable format. It will also demonstrate dockerized PostgresSQL service and data volume, commonly used in a standard three-tier web architecture.

About the speaker

Tomche Delev currently works as teaching assistant at the Faculty of Computer Science ang Engineering in Skopje. He teaches courses in introductionary programming in C/C++, Java and C#. He is interested in Java and other open source technolgoies since 2007 with main focus on development of web and mobile applications. In his professional career he worked as a co-founder developer and architect of SportyPal.

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